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“New Color” is a collection of random posts from Ryan Andrew Williams.

Lives: Bushwick, Brooklyn

Partner: Akari Inoguchi

Occupation: Software engineer, Painter

Sign: Sagittarius

Languages: English, Perl, Java, some female Japanese

Average weekday time breakdown: 37.5% writing code, 33.3% sleeping, 12.5% making art, 4.2% eating, 4.2% online time, 8.3% other

Average weekend time breakdown: 33.3% making art, 33.3% sleeping, 4.2% eating, 4.2% writing code, 8.3% online time, 16.7% other

Phobias: Chromophobia, Logizomechanophobia, Xylophobia, Aurophobia, Coulrophobia

Education: University of California, San Diego; B.S. Cognitive Science, B.A. Visual Arts; Magna Cum Laude, 1997

Height: 181 cm

Eye Color: Brown

Hair: Black

Favorite Color: New

Diet: Pescetarian

General Strategy: Patience, curiosity, excercise (all forms)